Why this college?

Why this college as opposed to another college?  To be truthful I did apply at VCC to begin with.  I got accepted there and then  realized that NEC offered Business Office Technology.

The application process here was more straightforward.  I know it is fate that I ended up here.  It is so comfortable here, kind of like my home away from home.  I feel very welcome here and the classes are much smaller.  As soon as I stepped foot in the door I made immediate friends whereas if I walked into another college I would have felt very intimidated.

The smaller class atmosphere makes it easier to get one-on-one help and this is what makes it unique.  I really love the longhouse shape of the building  So why this college I say once again.  I say because it is the best place to be.  It is number one in my books and I know I would have a lot of people that would agree with me.  So if you’re looking into going back to school and you want to succeed with pride of being a First Nations Student, apply at NEC.  They’re the absolute best!