Remembering my mother

my mother and my strength

I have been given huge burdens in my life this past year.  The  one  thing that has been solid and positive in my life  is my school and the staff at the Native Education College.   The staff is phenomenal and caring beyond  a call of duty. The wonderful people around me at the college have helped me sustain my life and help me remember that I  have a strong place in this world, and all my educational goals can be reached and my dreams can be met and achieved.   My mother was  an alumni of NEC and beloved  by the staff and community. Thank you to the Native Education College, I could not have done this without you. And my daughter, thanks to you as well.


Family means so many things, and being native it means so much more. I can remember as a little child growing up going to potlaches/gatherings and such and being asked “whose your grandparents??” whose your parents??” where are you from??”

After being interrogated on who I was and where I was from and hearing “ooooh, I’m your Auntie,” or “my brother was married to your uncle’s sister,” or “holah! I remember when you were just a baby: I changed your diapers!”  I could never remember who this lady was that was interrogating me and yet I couldn’t help feel the love this women had for me.

So all that being said, coming to NEC made me feel like that: made feel safe, warm and confident. I can’t help but embrace my knowledge and passion to learn and grow while I’m in this building. Since I’ve started my program I have met new friends and people I haven’t seen in a while. I’m excited at coming to school everyday to see everyone’s smiling faces and open hearts.

At the end of it all I know I’m gonna be sad when I graduate from my program but proud at the same time. I’ve come so far and learned so much and had that sense of “home” in everyday that I was here.