Thanks NEC!

My first year at NEC Vancouver I felt out of place, but then again I never really found my place. I have travelled long and far looking for my place in this world, taking up courses that would certify me for the work field. My first day here I came in for an assessment to get my GED so my resume would look better when I apply my skills. VANASEP was next door training me for Supply Chain logistics at the time and they advised me to go over and get it done so I did. By the time my assessment was done I had found out that they only do adult dogwood and I had already been enrolled so I went with the flow. I figured that I still have EI until September so I went ahead and did it.

So far it has been one of the best decisions of my life, I have made great friends, warmed up to people, found my calling, and I consider NEC my home away from home. Thanks to this NEC Vancouver, I made the best decision I have ever made and went back to school. I can’t choose just one day as a great experience here, because everyday I’m in school is a great experience.

Thank you for having me NEC Vancouver