Surviving at NEC

As a returning student I’ve picked up a few tips on student life. The purpose of this blog is to help you by giving you great advice. So grab a cup of coffee, kick back and read!

Teachers:  OK, the first thing you need while attending at NEC is a good teacher.  Having a good teacher will help you learn more and it helps when you have a good connection with them. I know that when I have a really good teacher, learning comes more naturally and easily.

Single Parent Life

I know a few people who are single parents and they have to deal with the whole balancing act. Use the following:

  • Make a schedule
  • Prepare meals ahead of time so you don’t spend forever getting it done. Prepare beforehand, throw whatever in the oven and serve!
  • Search the web and community centres for daycare. You can also ask fellow parents for advice.
  • Join a single parent club
  • Join a homework club


You also have to keep your stress and depression levels in check. It’s natural for all students to have high stress and medium to high levels of depression. Try and keep positive and not dwell on the negative. If you feeel stressed or irritated, use the following:

  • Take a 5 min break to walk around inside the school
  • Take deep breaths
  • Get some fresh air
  • Think of something you like. Eg. Animals have a calming affect, think of your pet and how much they mean to you.
  • Talk to a friend
  • Join a monthly group and talk about your feelings. You’ll be surprised to find how much you have in common with them.

In conclusion, life is tough when you are a student. Stressed emotions, sore body due to stress and demand of work load. It can be easier when you know what to do.

Take a walk or think of your loved ones, you can be a survivor!

Food at NEC: Yum yum !

In this blog, you’ll learn about the food here at NEC. The catering staff that work here are often first nations people themselves so it makes it feel a bit more comfortable. What makes the food here unique is that it often has a first nation cuisine which isn’t offered at any other college. What I think about when it comes to NEC is the FOOD!!!!

I like having food at the cafeteria for several reasons. First and foremost, the catering staff makes the food taste like it’s homemade and has a home-like feel when you sit down to eat.  It’s a nice surprise to see what’s being served at lunch. The best thing at NEC is that the catering company serves some traditional foods and non-traditional food. I like having Indian tacos for any lunch or dinner meal. For myself, I like having the chili served on the side when I have Indian tacos.

Some other things on the menu include breakfast items such as a fried egg sandwitch, french toast, pancakes and porriage. There’s many other things that the kitchen offers like discounts for coffee. If you buy a certain amount coffee, you get one free which is pretty sweet.

The only downside to food at NEC is that there’s no lunch program so you have to bring in something like instant noodles or a can of soup. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if you bring in any of those to eat, but it’s nice if you can have fried rice, Indian tacos or something else. Another thing is that the food can sometimes be expensive if you’re on a budget.  Food such as Indian Tacos or buttered chicken on rice can cost $5.25 a plate and soup with bannock can cost you $3.50. The menu price is decent compared to other places like resteraunts. The catering staff is great, they tend to smile alot and take time to have a quick chat with you. I had a nice chat with a chef who was a previous student here at NEC and now works in our kitchen.

In conclusion, the food at NEC is to be enjoyed while sitting at a table or by the fire. And on a cold day just sit in the lounge area and sip on a cup of tea while you laugh with your friends.